Current Global Chemical Industry Trends

28 Nov, 2019

Chemical Industry Trends

Chemical Industry Trends – A New Future Ahead

The future of the chemical industry is going to transform and change drastically. Even the companies which are connected to chemical industries need to bring evolution. They need to maintain competitive behavior in their work culture and take every challenge as an opportunity to grow in the new market.

New trends in the industry are changing the work culture, the factors that were running the industries a decade back. The expertise in the technology, a perfect business model, feedstock proximity, and technical sustainability are no longer into the trends. This scenario has been already discussed globally related to the upcoming generations of chemical industries.

The Top 3 Trends of chemical Industry shortlisted as the most prominent ones are as follows.

    1. The Ascent of Circular Economy

      The aspiration to stay in business is nothing new, as earlier methods used a streamline of business that sustains the amount of raw material supplied, and then the process is worked accordingly; the future is focusing more on a circular economy. Another issue that arises is of sustainability, as the impact of the increasing emission is affecting the environment, the disposal and reusing of the by-products are encouraged.

      The circular economy is all about producing goods on a hand and continuously regenerating the resources to keep the process flowing infinitely. The method of the ecosystem can be explained as Raw material production, chemical production, application of the product by the end-user. It is highly adapted from local to regional to the global level of economy and is proving extremely beneficial in the reduction of manufacturing cost, efficient and low energy-requiring.

      The focus of a circular economy thus is to maximize the recovery, recycling, and reusability by the end-user. We can take the example of a Bio-Based Plastic industry, which is entirely reusable, recyclable and are biodegradable, so disposing of with other garbage is also safe. Switching to a renewable energy source for meeting the energy requirement of the state is also a great idea. Solar energy or Wind Energy can be the alternatives for improving the efficiency of the circular economy.

    2. Bringing up Digitalization

      Almost every industry is relying on technology to work for them and reduce human labor. Machines don’t get tired and don’t make mistakes as humans do. Digital working has many benefits, like the speed of accessing data, unlimited storage, and the pace of using technology in work has made it quite evident that the future is digital. The benefits of Digitalisation will be enormous, including Low cost of storing data, precise results on access, a higher level of connectivity, and processing the analysis data in huge numbers.

      Digitalization offers companies with capturing critical data and drawing sights to get accurate output at a lower cost. Even maintenance of the machinery can be scheduled in the machine, so as the time for preventive measurement turns up, the company is ready for the situation. This scheduling the maintenance helps in minimizing downtime and gives accurate inventory planning.

      Block-chain, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things give a catalytic action to the chemical industry trends. Chemical companies had to find a connection in the IT Company to improve their business program and evolve as an innovative system. The integration of the Chemical and IT brings Innovation and optimizing business value. It is expected to increase revenue by 9% more in the industry.

      Some examples are currently used in the industry today and are expected to arrive. Artificial Intelligence can be used in matching a human level of finish, coloring and refining the minor disruptions in the product. The technology of precision working is highly useful in the aerospace industry, automotive, marine, and piping industry.

    3. Enabling Globalization and Innovations

      As the industry grows more prominent, the minds of innovators build new concepts and new business models. They take ideas from various parts of the world. The technology or concept used in one part of the world is implemented in other industries, with some innovations. And this is picked by another, and the cycle goes on. This scenario has finally resulted in achieving the speed of growing, formulation, servicing, and responsiveness in business to catch with the latest trends in Chemical Industry.

      Every business developer in the chemical industry focuses on maintaining a competitive edge and plays a dynamic role in world technology. Few are concentrated on using digital trends to stay put in the fundamentals of business processes, and the whole others rely on using classic methods to improvise their business. They work on Planning, Supplying, and Responding to the product being produced to keep a lasting bonding with the partner companies.

      The companies earlier focused only on developed countries like the US, and China is also shifting to Asian Countries now and will be expanding even more in the future. Chemical Manufacturers believe in building relationships with the commodities and intermediates in other companies.

      The example of globalization can be seen in the usage of Automotive OEMs, which are developed under innovators used for helping in the reduction of cost and cycle time. Many new genres of plastics are collected and came into existence globally. Acquisitions and Merging with others became a significant aspect of which led to some success to companies. But now the companies are interested in smaller investments with short or mid-term goals that have become the trend.

Moving Forward

We can conclude that a solid base for the new industry today is the focus to prosper better amongst the competition. The whole scenario relies on putting faith into 4th generation IT infrastructure with skilled labor for the job.

Many business models have come up across the globe, and the process of automation has been exceptional. The new technologies launched by companies are now turning feasible and scalable everywhere. Shanti Inorgochem is one of the top sodium bisulphite producers and it is recognized as a leading sodium bisulphite company in the chemical industry. One of the best exporters of sodium bisulphite products in UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Venezuela, and North America. Effectively working on incrementing these future needs for the market and industry development, taking them to new heights.

Written by: Avanish Patel

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