Top 5 Countries Where India Exports Chemicals

17 Feb, 2020

Countries where India Exports Chemicals

The chemical industry is the oldest and fastest-growing industry in India. It contributes a significant amount in the economic and industrial growth of the country. The chemical industry is considered as the support of both the sectors of India and has become a building block for the small scale industries. India ranks 6th in the world for chemical sales and contributes around 3% in the global chemical industry. On top of that, India is also attracting leading international companies to invest in India’s chemical industry to eventually become the world’s best chemical producer.

In this Blog Post, we will go through the following points in details:

    1. Top countries where India export chemicals
    2. List of chemicals exported from India
    3. India exporting chemicals for countries

Types of Chemical Industries

The chemical industry is divided into two major sectors:

    • Heavy Chemical Industry
    • Fine Chemical Industry

The Heavy chemical industry is the industry that produces industrial chemicals for a variety of manufacturing industries.

On the other hand, the fine chemical industry is the industry that produces pure chemicals in relatively limited quantities. Such compounds are complex, which makes them difficult to process.

Classification of Chemical Industry

The key sectors of India’s Chemical industry are inorganic chemicals, alkali chemicals, organic chemicals, dyes, and pesticides with its production in the respective order. India also exports agro-chemicals to most of the countries across the world. The chemical industry in India can be classified depending on the following categories:

    1. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals:
    2. It holds the 4th place in the world when compared to terms of volume of this sector.

    3. Pesticides, Fertilizers, and Agro-chemical Products:
    4. India holds almost 2.5% of the global market in this sector. It has around 10% of the domestic market.

    5. Plastics and Petrochemicals:
    6. It is the fastest growing industry amongst all the areas. Reliance Petrochemical is the dominant company in this sector.

    7. Dyes and Paints:
    8. It is a highly diversified sector that includes paints, inks, dyes, and other chemical products. It has a growth rate of around 12%.

    9. Inorganic Chemicals:
    10. The growth rate of this sector is near about 9%, and the detergents, glass, fertilizers, and alkalis are majorly produced chemicals in India.

Industries that Work Based on Chemical Industry are:

Many industries have been uplifted with the growth of the chemical industry in India. There is one of the primary raw materials which chemicals used in daily life and the following sectors:

    1. Textile & Apparel
    2. Chemicals are commonly used in the textile and apparel industry. From the beginning of the process to the end, chemicals are used in the making of apparel and textile.

    3. Paper
    4. More than 3000 types of chemicals are available that are used in the making of paper, but about 200 chemicals are used, which is entirely dependent on the company.

    5. Varnish
    6. The process of making varnish is also incomplete without the presence of several chemicals in various forms.

    7. Leather
    8. From extraction to giving the finishing touch to the leather, no process can be performed without using a various number of chemicals and dyes.

    9. Paint
    10. Paints are a type of industrial coating which helps to beautify and protect the nature of synthetic material from external damage. Chemicals are one of the major constituents for manufacturing paint.

    11. Dyes
    12. Varieties of dyes in the market that are distinguished based on the chemicals used in its production. It certainly reflects the importance of chemicals in the dye industry. Chemicals are used even for the extraction of natural dyes.

    13. Research
    14. Most of the research work is performed with the help of specialized chemicals; without it, no research or laboratory work can be done. Thus, the chemical industry plays a significant role in the research and medical sector.

Chemicals Exported From India

It exports organic chemicals that contain carbon and its derivatives or contain hydrogen with or without oxygen, nitrogen, and other elements. Some of the major organic chemicals are alcohol, carboxylic acids, phenols, hydrocarbons, etc. The primary chemicals produced in India are methanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, pyridines, phenol, ethyl acetate, alkyl amines, and acetic anhydride.

Here is the List of the Chemicals Exported from India along with their Usage:

    • Phenol is an essential aromatic compound
    • Pyridine is used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals
    • Acetic anhydride is mostly used as a reagent
    • Ethyl acetate is manufactured to use as a solvent
    • Formaldehyde and acetic acid are used in various industrial applications
    • Surfactants are manufactured by using alkyl amines

Importance of Chemical Industry:

    1. It plays a significant role in the food industry. All the preservatives, flavors, and taste enhancers are the chemicals in which food is delicious and also increases their shelf life. The preservatives are an essential reason for the flourishment of the food industry. It also helps in exporting or importing food from different parts of the world.
    2. We are required to use these items, including scents, perfumes, deodorants, soaps, and other personal things daily, which are also products of the chemical industry. From luxury products to essentials, chemicals are found everywhere.
    3. The agricultural industry is also thriving, based on the chemical industry. The fertilizers and pesticides are used in the production of the crop for its healthy and increased growth. The pesticides protect the crops from pest attack, whereas fertilizers are used to improve and increase the growth of the plant.
    4. Polymers and plastics are majorly dependent on the chemical industry. More than 80% of the entire chemical production is for this sector. It is used to make numerous things other than packing like furniture, home decor, electronics, wiring, clothing, water tanks, PVC piping, and many more.
    5. The chemical industry plays an essential as well as a significant role in various researches like mutation, artificial human organ production, genetic reengineering, and bio-engineering.
    6. The pharmaceutical industry is the fastest growing industry. Many labs are set up in the country to study drugs for endemic and epidemic diseases. Because of the presence of the chemical industry in the country, it has been possible to perform these studies.

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Countries in which India Export Chemicals:

India exports chemicals almost all across the world, but the USA and China have been the major two destinations for the past two years. To have a better idea of India’s export performance in this sector is to have a list for each category like cosmetics, dyes, special chemicals, lubricants, toiletries, essential oils, and others.

Here is the list of the top countries where India exports chemicals like organic, inorganic and agro-chemical:

      1. The U.S.A (USD 1071 million)

      2. China (USD 694 million)

      3. Indonesia (USD 514 million)

      4. Malaysia (USD 421 million)

      5. Brazil (USD 399 million)

Exporter of cosmetics, toiletries, and essential oils in countries like:

      1. UAE (USD 179 million)

      2. USA (USD 146 million)

      3. Bangladesh (USD 86 million)

      4. Saudi Arabia (USD 85 million)

      5. Nepal (USD 73 million)

India exports dyes majorly in the following countries:

      1. USA (USD 217 million)

      2. Turkey (USD 182 million)

      3. China (USD 139 million)

      4. Italy (USD 124 million)

      5. Brazil (USD 117 million)

India is the top exporter of special chemicals, lubricants and castor oil in countries like:

      1. China (USD 216 million)

      2. Netherlands (USD 126 million)

      3. USA (USD 94 million)

      4. France (USD 93 million)

      5. Malaysia (USD 68 million)

Moving Forward

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