Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

18 Mar, 2020

Top Chemical Companies in India

Day in and out different ranges of chemicals play a crucial role in our lives. They are both a boon and a curse. Chemicals are found in anything and almost everything used by us like soaps, cosmetics, drinking water, and food processing items. Diverse chemicals are even used to manufacture products such as mobile phones, computers, and others.

By 2025, India’s chemical industry seems to double in size, and there will be a great boost in revenue generation. The chemical companies manufacture many chemical products like laboratory reagents, industrial chemicals, special biochemicals, petrochemicals, and food preservatives. And these chemicals are needed in many industries all over the world in countries like UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Venezuela, and North America.

The current chemical industry trends indicate that India’s chemical industry has recorded an annual growth of 20% for the last few years. Consequently, India’s chemical sector performance has increased for the past years and further holds an excellent scope for development. The country has an extensive industrial base. You will find many companies listed in the stock market. The sector is home to many foreign players who aren’t public yet.

List of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India

    1. Shanti Inorgochem:
    2. Shanti Inorgochem is popularly known as Shanti industries, founded in 1998. It has its headquarter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Shanti Inorgochem was one of the foremost companies to produce Sodium Bisulphite Products in India. It manufactures Ammonium Bisulphite solution, sodium sulphite powder, sodium bisulphite solution, sodium metabisulphite, and sodium bisulphite powder. The company exports its numerous products to several countries like UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Venezuela, and North America. It belongs to the list of top 10 chemical companies in India.

    3. BASF India Ltd.:
    4. In the 1890’s Badische Anilin and Soda Fabrik was popularly known as BASF – the first chemical company that entered India’s chemical industry. The company was established in 1865 and is headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany. It is listed on various stock exchanges, like the Frankfurt stock exchange, LSE – London stock exchange, and ZSE – Zurich stock exchange. The product ranges of the company are plastic, crude oil, chemical performance, chemicals, catalysts, etc. Today, BASF is one of the most recommended industrial names in the local market.

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    5. Pidilite Industries Ltd:
    6. A company that is better known for the household and adhesive products they manufacture. Pidilite Industries Ltd. It is a renowned and well-known company. Back in 1959, the company was incorporated, and it has its headquarter in Andheri in Mumbai (Maharashtra). The company’s product portfolio boasts over 1250 chemicals that are exported in more than 40 countries across the globe. The company’s product range includes Hobby Ideas, Fevikwik, Moto Max, Rangeela, Fine Art, Rangeela, and various textile resins and leather chemicals. Pidilite has its manufacturing divisions over multiple parts of India, like Vapi in Gujarat, Kala Amb in Himachal Pradesh, and Mahad in Maharashtra.

    7. GHCL Ltd.:
    8. On 4th October 1983, GHCL was incorporated and is well-known in the chemical industry. It has ascertained its footprints in various segments like textiles, consumer products, and chemicals. In the chemical segment, the company produces raw material Soda ASH (Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate) that is used in the manufacturing of detergents and glass and Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda). In the textile segment, GHCL Ltd has an integrated setup that includes spinning and printing of the fibre that makes up for marketable products like duvets and sheets. In the consumer segment, this firm is known as a lead producer and seller of edible Salt.

    9. Tata Chemicals Ltd.:
    10. The company is a well-known brand in India for its consumer product, Salt, which is popularly known as Tata Salt. The company, Tata Chemicals Ltd, started in 1939 and has its head office in Mumbai. The company calls itself a globally distributed firm and has manufacturing units in North America, Asia, and Europe. It is amongst the primary producers of the product range sodium bicarbonate that is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, etc. The company’s product range includes nitrogenous chemicals, fertilizers, industrial phishing products, etc. These products are vital ingredients for industries like glass and detergent.

    11. Atul Ltd.:
    12. It was in 1947, Atul ltd was founded and incorporated in its Gujarat headquarters. Atul Ltd is an essential part of Lalbhai Group and has two branches – Other chemicals and Life science chemicals and performance. Under the science branch, the various components are vigorous pharmaceutical ingredients: herbicides, API intermediates, and fungicides. Epoxy raisins, bulk chemicals, textile dyes, adhesion promoters and intermediates, perfumery, and hardliners formulate as a part of the performance branch.

    13. Dow India:
    14. Dow India started its operations back in 1957. Dow India holds pride in manufacturing specialty chemicals and various other products for multiple sectors. Dow India has its headquarters in Mumbai and caters to 3000+ customers with over 2000+ products for various different uses. With chemical manufacturing, the company also deals with other solutions that are used in consumer, agriculture, energy, water, industrial, building, automotive, infrastructure, construction, and packaging sectors. Dow India was honored with the “Product Innovator of the Year” award by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 2017.

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    15. India Glycols Ltd.:
    16. In 1983, this company was as established as a single mono-ethylene glycol plant. Today it is leading chemical manufacture of products like eco-friendly based, performance and specialty chemicals, nutritional pharmaceuticals, spirits, sugar, natural gums, and industrial gases. It is known for bringing integrated new era technology. The company aims to have constant innovation and is also committed to quality. It manufactures globally demanded products.

    17. Aarti Industries:
    18. Aarti Industries is an Indian company that is listed on the stock exchanges and is among the leading chemical manufacturers in the nation. In the year 1975, Aarti Industries was founded and is headquartered in Mumbai. The wide varieties of a chemical produced by the company are suited for most industries. It also manufactures chemicals used in pharmaceutical and medical industries. The company also manufactures surfactants that are used in-home care, oral care, and baby care products. The company’s product range includes necessary chemicals, agro-chemicals, specialty chemical, and rubber chemicals. Its subsidiaries are Aarti Healthcare Ltd.

    19. Anar Chem:
    20. Anar Chem was incorporated in the year 1980 and is headquartered in Ahmedabad. It is the pioneer company of India to develop Naphthol AS-CL. It specializes in Metal Phthalocyanines. The company’s product range includes petroleum or fuel dyes, naphthols, and specialty chemicals. Its primary markets are Europe, the USA, Latin America, Far East, Gulf countries, and Southeast Asia. Concern for health, safety, and environment form a crucial part of Anar’s business policy. All products of the company are developed in house by highly qualified people.

Key Takeaways

The diverse chemical companies across India are completely geared up to serve every industry in the marketplaces. As the Indian chemical meets and exceeds international standards, they are also highly demanded in the foreign markets.

Written by: Avanish Patel

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