Popular Goods Exported from India to Dubai

14 Apr, 2020

Goods Exported From India to Dubai

India and Dubai share one of the most inclusive and strategic relationships. India has been a top exporter to Dubai for both oil, non-oil and inorganic chemical products. India comes in the top list of utmost exporters to the whole of Dubai. Dubai’s import from India is highly valued in the overall import ratio. This scenario makes Dubai and UAE, India’s primary trade partner in the entire Middle East region.

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Trade Relationship between India and UAE:

It is likely that by the year 2020, India and UAE will have around $100 billion trade as per the current scenario. With the continuous visits amid UAE and Indian leaders, it is anticipated that trade relations will mature to numerous levels in the coming time. And this will open business opportunities for Indians to both exports as well as import goods from UAE.

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Organic and inorganic chemicals, organic or inorganic compounds, expensive metals, and food items are the foremost exports of India in UAE. Still, along with that, UAE also imports all types of machinery, jewelry, pearls, and vegetables from the country.

In a few words, the relationship between both countries is quite satisfying. And India has turned as the leading supplier to the UAE and its diverse parts until now as significant exports from India to Dubai are facilitated.

While a list of export products and items right from India to Dubai is reasonably wide-ranging, let’s shed light below to know the momentous export made by parts of UAE from India.

Which Goods are Exported from India to UAE?

  • Metals, Precious Stones, Natural and Cultured Pearls:
  • India exports stones, pearls, metals, and similar products to UAE. More than 12000000 thousand dollars of expensive stones, natural or cultured metals, stones, gems, pearls, and related items have been imported to the parts of UAE right from India.

  • Mineral Fuels, Oils, Waxes and similar Products:
  • India has been a customary exporter of such products to UAE for an extended period. India has exported to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) around 500000 thousand dollars of petroleum products such as wax, charcoal, coal, mineral products, waxes, fuels, and other equivalent category products.

  • Both Stitched & Unstitched Apparel and Clothing Products:
  • India is a top global contributor in the manufacturing of apparel and clothing, exports it to numerous countries, including UAE. During the previous year, about 200000 thousand dollar stitched products and 1600000 thousand dollars of unstitched products were shipped by India to the UAE.

  • Inorganic Chemicals that are exported from India:
  • India has numerous chemical industries and institutes that produce premium organic chemicals. Many are used within the country while the right amounts of products are exported.

    India has earned 300000 thousand dollars in the preceding year by exporting Organic as well as inorganic chemical products along with organic and inorganic compounds.

    India exports sodium bisulphite products to Dubai and other parts of the UAE. SHANTI INORGOCHEM also recognized as Shanti Industries based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India exports chemicals from India to Dubai.

    Its products include ammonium bisulphite solution, sodium sulphite powder, sodium bisulphite solution, sodium metabisulphite, and sodium bisulphite powder.

  • Ships, Boats and Floating Structures that are exported from India:
  • India has been an appreciated partner in the exportation of ships, boats, and other similar floating products to Dubai, UAE.

  • Iron as well as Steel Products that are exported to UAE from India:
  • India has been an esteemed partner of UAE when it comes to the exportation of different steel as well as iron products. India exports ores of iron and steel. More than 800000 thousand dollar steel and iron products, as well as 500000 thousand dollars of similar articles, are imported by Dubai, UAE.

  • Products like Machinery, Boilers, Nuclear Reactors and Parts are exported:
  • India has been a continuous partner of UAE in exporting types of machinery and boilers, including other allied products.

  • Products and parts of Electric Machinery, Sound Recorder, Television image, and other Equipment:
  • Products, equipment, and parts of electric machines have been exported for years when it comes to export. India and UAE have been doing quite well in this domain as well. Throughout the last year, India exported to UAE around 700000 thousand dollars of boilers and machinery and 620000 thousand dollars of other electronic products to the UAE and its various parts. These export products and items from India to Dubai are highly in demand compared to others.

  • Food products like Cereals are exported from India to different parts of the UAE:
  • Cereals comprise a range of food items such as bread, flakes, and oats, which are exported to UAE right from India.

  • Copper Products that are exported to UAE from India:
  • India is also a principal producer and exporter of copper products to Dubai as well as other parts of UAE.

  • Products like Edible Fruits and Nuts, Peels of Citrus Fruits are Exported to UAE:
  • India also exports fruits and nuts right to parts of UAE. Fruits are exported fresh and packaged while nuts are exported well packaged. India exports nearly 890000 thousand dollars of these products to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) every year.

  • Products include Plastics which are highly exported to Dubai, UAE:
  • India has been a leader in producing plastic. There are also similar marketplaces for articles of plastic. We have been exporting both to many parts of the world, including UAE.

  • Vehicles parts of Railways and Trams:
  • India has been manufacturing products and components of railways and tramways across India. Many are used within the country, while many are exported to the UAE.

  • Meat and other Food products:
  • India produces a massive amount of meat and its related products and thus exports to an assortment of countries over the globe, including parts of UAE.

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  • Products such as Toiletry Preparations, Perfumery as well as Essential oils:
  • By exporting the products mentioned above to Dubai, UAE, India earns the right amount of revenue throughout the year. These day to day used products are exported from India to UAE for around 170000 thousand dollars every year.

    Further, both nations will likely have a trade of more than $120 billion by the end of the year 2025. Thus, it will be a perfect opportunity to trade with the UAE by walking around the needed products at the finest prices.

    Moving Forward

    Shanti Inorgochem is a well-known name as the leading chemical exporters to Dubai from India. The company manufactures sodium bisulphite, in forms of different powder and solutions. The company’s R&D teams have even researched Sodium bisulphite in assorted ways of solutions. The company is frequently exporting chemicals from India to Dubai. Now the company is even producing and exporting other chemicals in the form of sulphur-based inorganic chemicals. These products that are highly exported to Dubai come with the most brilliant quality in both domestic as well as in global marketplaces.

    The team at Shanti Industries considers that the level of quality, safety, and security is of the utmost priority when harmonized to any other criterion. So just the right chemical parameters have to be considered and included while exports from India to other countries. If alternating preferences are suggested, only then cost-effective products can be selected for any usages and exported across the world.

    Written by: Avanish Patel

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