How will the Chemical Industry Gain Profit from the Covid-19?

19 Aug, 2020

Chemical IndustryGrowth from the Pandemic

With the ever-evolving quality of life and tremendous medical advancements, chemicals are an integral part of our lives, however, with the corona outbreak rolling out and taking millions in its embrace, preparation for the future demands constant analysis. The change is the new normal, and everything familiar seems to have vanished. Demands flock the chemical industry across nations, and the power dynamics are more fragile than they have ever been in the last decades. The countries and regions such as China, India, the US, Europe & Russia – all are grappling to get a better hold of the new reality. So, where does the chemical industry stand amidst all the chaos?

  • The Opportunity for Unrestricted Growth
  • Sometimes unprecedented and testing circumstances carry opportunities for us to build strategic plans and achieve dynamic growth. If it weren’t for the sudden pandemic, many sectors would have clung to their usual plans and operations. This scenario would have kept them away from harnessing their actual potential. When it comes to the chemical industry, there is more to the picture than the irregularities in demands that might currently line the horizon.

    How is the Chemical Industry Getting Profits from Pandemic? The global impacts of Covid-19 in the chemical industry have been notable and root-shaking, just like other industries. However, what stands out is that some of the chemicals are in extensive demand and their heavy requirements have assisted the Indian chemical industry. With the increasing demand for sanitizers, disinfectants, and other chemical needs, they seem to have a favorable market.

    Also, the scenario doesn’t seem to be altering anytime soon. The chemical industry seems to have taken up this challenge seriously and can be seen braving the storm by creating the right solutions.

  • Profits with the Changing Picture
  • Though oversupply can be an equally testing situation, the question of the hour is: How Chemical Industry Gain Profit from Covid-19? It can indeed be deduced that unlike automotive, transportation, retail, financial, and so many other sectors, the chemical sector has undoubtedly set its foot on the greener side. With pharmaceuticals and chemicals being the need of the hour, the situation is suitable enough for the industry if played to its strengths. Before we can assess the profits of the chemical industry or the havoc caused for other sectors, it is essential to review the situation globally.

    Serious disturbances in supply chains have challenged global markets to a whole new level. The chemical industry seems to be facing the perils, just like any other sector wrecked by the pandemic. However, the chemical need of the hour has them pumped up for relocation and continuous production so that everyday local and global demands can be met with ease. While having the advantage of constant demands pouring in, there are just as many valuations and recession troubles in store for the chemical industry if they fail to weave the right strategy. On the positive side, a restructured growth model can undoubtedly aid the post-pandemic surge, and the chemical industry could well be doing wonders in terms of profits.

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    With numerous nations around the world affected by the pandemic, the chemical industries in developing and developed countries are witnessing a great time to actualize exponential growth in business. The pandemic has undoubtedly raised awareness among nations posing the idea of moving manufacturing bases away from China. This scenario blesses local as well as global chemical industries in several countries with advantages like never before. However, the question “How is the Indian Chemical Industry getting profits from a pandemic?” demands a rather specific answer.

    The fate of Indian Chemical Industries can be bright and comfortable to discern if they conform to the new normal and take the right steps to boost productivity. When can this really happen? Are there chemical companies extracting growth opportunities out of the pandemic? While the answer differs for brands and names, a general response seems to be positive. A lot of chemical companies have overturned their old challenges and are turning new leaves. The Indian Chemical Industry seems to be in the right place to equip itself for a better future. Strategizing and trials could perhaps show the way.

  • What Fate will Indian Chemical Industries See?
  • Several investors and analysts seem to put enough faith in the fate of chemical industries in India. Experts have reached a consensus that the chemical sector might achieve substantial growth in India. Even though the lockdown, the demand and need for chemicals has never once come to a halt. Though there is restricted movement, a general increase in the purchase of sanitizers and disinfectants in urban areas can be traced to 87% compared to 18% before the pandemic. Though the data is approximate, at least a 70% rise is easy to spot across several states.

    With select chemicals coming into the picture and China falling out of the candid picture, Indian chemical industries have only endless opportunities to look forward to. The rising domestic demand plays out in favor of national chemical giants, and India might well extract benefits from the disruption in global chemical chains.

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  • A Look at the Post-Pandemic World
  • When it comes to a post-pandemic scenario, Indian Chemical Industries are likely to emerge stronger too. With the outbreak acting as a catalyst for innovation, newer and more responsible business models and names are expected to appear. This scenario could further shape the future of chemical industries in India. Analysts predict a substantial 60% rise in the work efficiency of existing chemical industries in the coming year in India. That being said, it is significant and essential to remember a few things. To begin with, the idea behind ethical chemical industries needs to be crystal clear. This scenario means affecting response plans that consider social and environmental aspects along with profits. To further add to it, building responsible value chains should be a primary concern.

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    If we move to analyze the effects the pandemic will leave chemical industries with, there are a few basic things we can note. Moving to digital business in the online world will only heighten the scope of growth for the chemical sector. In times that are so stressful and demanding, the chemical sector can easily tap the need of the hour by interacting with customers and offering tailor-made solutions.

    In a nutshell, these factors seem to favor the developed chemical industries at hand.

    The Elements can Easily be Seen as ”5 Es”.

  • Extensive Demand
  • Enhanced Digital Presence
  • Straight Forward Assessment of the Need of the Hour
  • Effective Production
  • Efficient Supply Chains
  • Well-established chemical industries in India that have been able to identify these key factors by their side have extremely well taken up the challenge. Owing to the enormous demands, they have also helped quite a few smaller names rise to substantial glory.

    Moving Forward

    Shanti Inorgochem has been meeting chemical needs in India with responsibility and research. Listed among the top chemical companies in India, it has kept the vigor alive in the testing pandemic and strategically serves the local markets. If the chemical industry continues working with the right ideation and strategy, the present and the future seem promising and profit-oriented without a doubt.

    Along with the big names, it could be the end of the struggling era for small scale chemical companies. With the clock ticking and the need for chemicals continuously rising, the growth and profit curve looks ideal for the chemical sector.

    Written by: Avanish Patel

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