Global Sodium Bisulphite Market

08 May, 2020

Sodium Bisulphite Market

What is Sodium Bisulphite?

A composite of sodium, sulphur, hydrogen, and oxygen is known as sodium bisulphite. Sodium bisulphite is also known as sodium hydrogen sulphite. Why? It is when one positively charged sodium ion sticks to a negatively charged bisulphite ion due to electrostatic attraction. It has been categorized as a sulphur-based chemical. It seems in crystal clear powder form but turns yellow in an aqueous liquid. The acidic nature of this sulphite makes it sensitive to corrosion.

What is the Use of Sodium Bisulphite?

Sodium bisulphite applies to various applications, like wastewater treatment, development of photographic films, prevention of corrosion, food preservative.

Various Industry Approaches for Sodium Bisulphite:

Uses of sodium bisulphite in various market trends, and it requires in the following industries listed below:

1. Food, Chemicals
2. Pharmaceuticals
3. Textiles
4. Leather
5. Paper & Pulp
6. Photography & Film

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The food industry uses preservative in fruit juices and starch solutions. To isolate and purify chemicals like ketones, and aldehydes in the application of chemicals and pharmaceuticals use sodium bisulphite and also destroys waste bromine. The textile industry has a different use for like whitener for pulp & paper applications. A very engaging application sodium bisulphite is for water treatment of wastewater and processed water. On processed water sodium bisulphite eliminates unnecessary chlorine. Photography industry uses sodium bisulphite for acidifying photographs, films, paper and plates.

Why Sodium Bisulphite in Demand?

In reality, sodium bisulphite chemical aids preserve things. Food production firms are using sodium bisulphite chemical for preservation. Therefore, at a global level, food production companies highly consume sodium bisulphite chemical for the preservation of food. Why food preservation? Global sodium bisulphite business increases active in countries with enhancing food production. It is because of high population growth in various regions like Africa, Central & South America, and Southeast Asia.

It plays a crucial role in the food industry. All the preservatives, flavours, and taste enhancers are the chemicals in which food is delicious. There is a reason for having preservatives that keep the food quality as it is, and increases shelf life longevity.

Sodium bisulphite became a global demand for end-user industries that use chemicals for wastewater treatment. It is noticeable that sodium bisulphite is globally demanding and increasing its market value. Another reason for the high usage of sodium bisulphite is de-chlorination of wastewater treatment because it has been associated with increasing population and so for the development of wastewater.

Global sodium bisulphite market has segmented as food, wastewater treatment, paper and pulp, photography and film, and others. Segmentation has been done into two categories:

1) Food Grade
2) Technical Grade

Global Sodium Bisulphite Market Analysis:

Los Angeles, United States, May 2020: The Sodium Bisulphite market has been garnering remarkable momentum in recent years. The steadily escalating demand due to improving purchasing power has projected to bode well for the market.

Report Hive’s latest publication, Titled “[Sodium Bisulphite Market Research Report 2020]”, offers an insightful take on the drivers and restraints present in the market.

Global Sodium Bisulphite Market – a significant contribution from India:

Asia specific appeared as the largest producer and consumer of sodium bisulphite in phases of quantity. India and China are the most open contributors to the demand for sodium bisulphite from various applications. The Asia Pacific has projected to have the fastest growth, owing to immediately developing infrastructure as a result of growing industry base as a shifting of the global manufacturing base in the region and, government responses in developing nations such as India, and China in this field.

In the market of sodium bisulphite, Shanti Inorgochem is listed in the global sodium bisulphite reports of Garner Insights.

This statement classifies the global sodium bisulphite market volume for the year 2014-2016 and forecast of the equivalent for the year 2021. Further, it highlights the market drivers, restraints, growth indicators, challenges, and other important aspects concerning the global sodium bisulphite market.

There are several companies, and multiple professionals are in the sodium bisulphite market for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, intermediaries.

Top Leading Players of the Sodium Bisulphite

  • Shanti Inorgochem
  • Calabrian Corporation Solvay
  • Dow Chemicals
  • Shandong Kailong Chemical Industry
  • General Chemicals
  • Olympic Chemical Ltd.
  • Shanti Inorgochem is the prominent sodium bisulphite company based in Ahmedabad, India. Shanti Inorgochem is the leading manufacturer of bisulphite powder and liquid form products. Shanti Industries also exports sodium bisulphite products to various countries, like the UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Venezuela, and North America.

    In the present era, Shanti Inorgochem is the most open producer of SBS solution with a high range of production capacity of 24000 TPA. Apart from manufacturing various products, Shanti Inorgochem exports the chemical from India to other countries and keeps the priority of quality level, safety and security.

    Wrap Up

    Shanti Inorgochem is the best supplier of sodium bisulphite solution and sodium bisulphite powder in terms of quality and pricing in India. As we have a brief on the global sodium bisulphite market, and therefore the chemical industry has government support and a great future for growing more. Shanti Inorgochem is FDA approved and has all the authenticated certificates as well as an excellent track record of compliance with regulatory bodies in India.

    Written by: Avanish Patel

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